The Guggenheim New York is a series of mechanically produced sculptures. A machine takes models of canonical building and dips these into paint, over and over again. On one hand, I am interested in how the process of additive subtraction --- the layering of paint, over a highly described form --- archives the decay of form while leading to a new formal language. On the other hand, I am searching for the moment when an object changes its medium condition – the point when architecture becomes art. At the same time, all of these works problematize the issue of scale. As models, the pieces exist on a 1:200 scale. Yet as objects, they also exist in a 1:1 scale; the material properties of the paint together with the physical resistance of gravity, room temperature and humidity etc. make the process un-scalable bound to the 1:1. The pieces thus collapse from being distinctly in the realm of architecture and art into a mutual medium condition - a 1:200 : 1:1 scale that superimposes the representational with the actual object nature within one thing.

dimensions: each ~ 6" x 3.75" x 4"